Adaptive energy absorbing flooring system

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(en)A protective flooring system for a vehicle having a base structure such as a hull or frame and a floor, using a plurality of controllable fluid energy absorbers connected between the floor and base structure for attenuating forces transmitted there between as a function of a control signal applied to the energy absorber. The floor may be suspended or supported above the body, and in either case the energy absorber may be pre-biased by a spring or means of activating the controllable fluid. The energy absorbers may be attached in the manner of a Stewart platform: along the perimeter of the floor by ball-and-socket-joints to provide multi-axis damping. In another embodiment, the protective flooring system comprises a plurality of resilient bladders sandwiched between the floor and overlying tiles, each bladder being filled with controllable fluid in fluid communication with one or more flow valve(s) which can activate the controllable fluid to provide a controllable fluid damping characteristic.

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