Processing technology agricultural waste Carbolosic

Processing technology agricultural waste Carbolosic

This technology was developed by Dr. at University of Central Florida (USA). Inventor Joseph John Walsh, co-author, said the technology, this technology using agricultural residues as raw material for the production of sugar, fertilizer and ethanol.

8-step process: Reduce the size; cellulose into sugar reaction (CTS); as well; centrifugal; ferment; distillation; water separation and chemical treatment.Ethanol as fuel is the most widely produced but have drawbacks such as low energy levels Yes, hydrophilic and native starch or sugar. So Carbolosic proposed combination of cellulose has been patented technology with sugar (CTS) for fermentation and chemical treatment standards to collect a kind of biofuel for aviation.

With the design of each module separation, Joseph John Walsh said he could move the system to the region's agricultural harvest for processing in place, limiting costs. To process one kilogram price is only 0.5 cents waste (less than 200 contracts).

According to Nguyen Thi Hai Thu, Deputy Director of Project Management Investment in construction science and technology, the technology is suitable for solving the problem of environmental pollution. Instead farmers burning, burying agricultural residues each harvest, the technology will help take advantage of waste for processing into useful products.

Next July, Quang Ninh will be the first local technology transferee.

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