IoT Innovation Hub: Support to commercialize the first product

IoT Innovation Hub: Support to commercialize the first product

Officially work on April 10, 2019 in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, the Internet Innovation Center for IoT and Internet (IoT Innovation Hub) has been promoting human resource training activities and support research and development for creative startups, and promote cooperation activities between private enterprises and domestic and international research institutions.
After a period of accompanying with research groups as well as start-ups in IoT field, on September 19, 2019 IoT Innovation Hub and D&L technology start-up officially introduced the Product-based ecosystem. IoT PAM ecosystem platform was researched and developed by D&L and commercialized in the market. This is an important event marking the first milestone for IoT Innovation Hub's innovative startups. After this activity, D&L will focus on researching and applying NB-IoT technology to improve its product lines.


"PAM" is the brand name for all D&L products and solutions including PAM Air, PAM Home, PAM Agriculture and PAM Library. All solutions are researched and developed by a team of experts and engineers of D&L including hardware devices, management software and end-user applications. The PAM ecosystem consists of:

- IoT platform: IoT platform software

- Sensors and equipment for monitoring and control

- Web and mobile applications for each specific purpose

- Big Data Analytic


Featured in PAM ecosystem products is PAM Air - a total solution, an IoT ecosystem for monitoring, warning and forecasting air pollution in Vietnam. This is a product of great social significance and has received the great support of all classes of people.

Pamair.org website application

The application is installed on mobile phones to monitor air pollution of each area / location in Vietnam and other functions such as:

- Automatic display of pollution map according to your phone's GPS location

- Find the measurement points closest to the GPS position

- Search the area you want to track

- Lets choose the most favorite measuring points

- Automatically send notifications about air pollution status

Product ecosystem is based on IoT PAM ecosystem. IoT PAM ecosystem products are currently on display at the IoT Innovation Hub


The IoT Innovation Hub was established by the Ministry of Science and Technology in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park and has the support and support of other science and technology organizations such as Ericsson, Viettel, VNPT Technology, FPT University, FPT Software, VinSmart, ABB, HBI High-tech Business Incubator, Center for Scientific and Technological Application - Hanoi Department of Science and Technology, University of Technology - Hanoi National University, Institute of Information Technology - Hanoi University of Science and Technology ... Currently, Viettel and VNPT have begun testing 5G broadcast towers at Hoa Lac High-Tech Park for research and testing of NB-IoT applications at IoT Innovation Hub.


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