The Institute of Inventions and Technology Exploits support an inventor who is not specialized in commercializing products

The Institute of Inventions and Technology Exploits support an inventor who is not specialized in commercializing products

In order to support and consult inventor Pham Van Hat to expand the market and promote agricultural machine products, the Institute of Inventions and Technology Exploits (ITE) organized a field trip to the plantation. Quang Ngai raw materials of Vietnam Soybean Milk Company (Vinasoy).
In April 2019, ITE organized a field trip for inventor Pham Van Hat (Hai Duong) to the material planting areas of soybean in Quang Ngai province to survey and learn about the soil, soybean farming practices are in place to develop a plan to deploy agricultural machinery that he invented and manufactured. Joining the mission towards SCCN were Dr.. Do Duc Nam, Deputy Director; TS Pham Ngoc Hieu, Director of the Center for Technology Simulation and Product Development under SCCN. Vinasoy Company representative welcomed the delegation with Dr. Le Hoang Duy, Deputy Director of Vinasoy Soybean Application Research Center (VSAC), and a number of researchers of the Center of the Company.

Currently, Vinasoy has two main material areas in Dak Lak (in Buon Ma Thuot) and Quang Ngai (in Duc Hiep, My Hung and Nghia Thuan districts).

Inventor Pham Van Hat and Vinasoy staff surveyed in the raw material area of ​​Quang Ngai

During the mission, ITE also conducted a survey of the current status of agricultural machinery types currently owned by the farmers here. The result shown the amount of machine were very less, rust machine cannot be used, the mechanization of automation in cultivation stages has not been paid much attention by people. Through the research, the mission has known so far the planting and harvesting of soybeans by farmers, done manually, most of them by hand. Moreover, due to the habits and customs of Quang Ngai people often intercropped soybean crop with peanuts, cassava (cassava) and some other crops. Therefore, soybean plants are unevenly grown, difficult to care for, difficult to harvest and not high yield. This has a significant impact on the productivity, quality and cost of domestic soy materials.

SCCN employs an experimental survey of agricultural machines of farmers in Quang Ngai


To solve the above problems, Vinasoy Company has currently deployed about 50 hectares for planting trials and assessing economic efficiency to help people in Quang Ngai to abandon the habit of intercropping to grow soybeans. Through the working session, Vinasoy Company ordered inventor Pham Van Hat to produce seeding and soybean harvesters to immediately serve Vinasoy's concentrated raw materials and aim to standardize planting and harvesting soybeans of Quang Ngai people in the above material areas.

ITE staffs and inventors came to work at the factory of Vinasoy Company


ITE also pledges to support inventor Pham Van Hat in product research, design and development to meet the specific characteristics of growing soybeans here, aiming to improve productivity. and soy bean quality in this region.

The results of the field trip are typical for joint research and development activities between the Institute of Industrial Science, enterprises and inventors. Such a cooperation model is being promoted and scaled up by ITE.


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