About us

VTEX is a technology exchange to support the organization, promote activities connecting supply and demand, transfer technology in the country and internationally, commercialize research results:

1. VTEX is the first technology exchange in Vietnam to apply 3D interactive technology in displaying products, simulating the operation of technological lines. In addition, this platform also applies Artificial Intelligence in market analysis, customer behavior research, and technology trends to provide optimum recommendations to individuals and organizations.

2. VTEX provides evaluation reports, processed and classified information from many original sources such as millions of inventions in the world, national databases (eg, Vietnamese Enterprise Database of the Ministry of Planning and Investment) and many other sources.

3. VTEX connects, cooperates with most of the local technology exchanges of Vietnam and is the focal point of nationwide network of science and technology experts (experts list certified by the Ministry of Science and Technology) and international experts through co-operative activities.

4. VTEX activities promote the development of the technology market in the form of: international information exchange, communication and branding technology; Support, consultancy on technology transfer, promotion, training on technology innovation in enterprises, technology evaluation and valuation, authentication and provision of solutions for traceability of goods and technology, support the commercialization of research results, promote international trade in science and technology (exhibitions, seminars, creative innovation contests ...)

5. VTEX wishes to bring a simple and effective way to connect trade in the technology market as the slogan: Simplify business matching