1. This Regulation promulgates the compulsory regulations applicable to members of theVtex (called Member) with a view to creating a trading environment, goods (machinery, equipment, technological products) and scientific and technological services through e-commerce;
 2. Members, traders, organizations and individuals participating in the transaction on the Hundred e-commerce transaction platform Vtex.vn (called Vtex.vn Technology Exchange) shall have to strictly comply with the Regulation's contents. The
 3. All contents of this Regulation must comply with the current legal system of Vietnam. Members participating in the Vtex.vn Exchange must find out their legal responsibility for the current law of Vietnam and the contents of the Regulation of the Vtex Technology Exchange

Article 1: Principles of operation

1. Address (Url) or domain name of Vtex.vn includes: http://vtex.vn/

Vtex.vn Technology Exchange is built and operated by the Project Management Unit of the "Center for Innovations in Response to Climate Change in Vietnam".Vtex.vn e-commerce plays the role of advertising, as an intermediary, a trade bridge that helps buyers and sellers of technology and equipment through e-commerce websites. quickly, on the basis of respecting the rights and legitimate interests of the parties
2. Participants on Vtex trade platform are organizations and individuals engaged in trade in legal science and technology products and equipment, which are the main trading platform of Hai Phong technology and equipment. Recognition form through the approval and activation of the display of relevant information of members on the floor trading Vtex.vn.
  - Participants are allowed to use the services provided on Vtex.vn; The term "service" includes all support services provided by Vtex.vn or the third party partner of vtex.vn for the purpose of facilitating members to perform activities connection, cooperation - trade a convenient and effective.
3. The goods, products and services are traded on Vtex Technology Exchange Site in the field of science and technology and equipment and must meet all relevant provisions of law. It is prohibited to do business, advertising is prohibited in accordance with the law.

4. Trading and trading activities on Vtex Trading Platform are agreed upon by organizations and individuals participating in free transactions on the basis of respecting the legitimate rights and interests of the involved parties. Selling goods, products and services through contracts, not contrary to the provisions of law. The sale of goods, products, science and technology services and equipment through the Hundreds Trading Exchange Vtex has to be made public, transparent, ensuring the interests of consumers.


Article 2: Transaction procedure
Vtex.vn is built to provide maximum support to organizations, units, enterprises that have the need to promote, commercialize, promote the purchase and transfer of research results, scientific and technological products, machine lines and equipment to customers in demand through online. Vtex.vn not only provides full, fast, accurate information on a wide range of scientific research results, lines, equipment and machinery in various fields at the request of the buyer. It also helps them select the right products by providing technical criteria, price, and delivery to customers.
A complete list of contact providers, especially senior members (gold), help customers avoid fraudulent transactions.
When buying products on Vtex.vn, customers should follow the steps below:
* For equipment and machinery with simple application and operation:
1. Look, search, refer to product information (prices, specifications, specifications, warranty, payment methods, delivery possibilities, delivery terms, etc.) posted on Vtex.vn -> Select the appropriate product or vendor
2. After selecting the product to suit the needs, customers can immediately contact the seller of the product through the chat tool skype (if available) or send contact form available to be answered. and specific advice.
Or the customer can directly access the vendor's booth, or find a supplier from the search engine to find out more information as well as other vendor products. that level. When entering the booth, customers contact the supplier directly through the tools and information provided in the booth to inquire about product information or exchange or negotiate.
4. Customers and suppliers negotiate through the tools directly integrated directly on Vtex.vn such as chat, email.
5. After the parties buy and sell united, the purchase and sale activities will take place outside the parties agreed by the parties. The parties to the agreement and the choice of the appropriate reference payment methods below.
6. Customers receive products.
7. Inquiries, complaints.
* For products purchased and sold are technologies, lines with application and operation are relatively complicated, customers do as above from step 1 to step 4, then the two sides directly meet, negotiate and sign contracts. Next, the two parties deliver and receive payment as agreed in the signed contract.
- Vtex.vn recommend members to participate in the transaction itself to find out information about products, services, information about the seller, the truth of the seller before the transaction.
- Vtex.vn only supports intermediary features to help buyers and sellers can easily transact through the internet environment without directly involved in the transaction process.
- Buyers should buy at high-end stores (gold members have used vtex.vn secured services to ensure the safety as well as protect their interests.
- Vtex.vn respect and seriously implement the provisions of the law on the protection of consumers' interests. Therefore, members are requested to provide full information, accurate, truthful and detailed information related to products and services. All fraudulent acts and frauds in business are condemned and must bear full responsibility before law
Management Board of Vtex.vn Technology offers payment methods, members can refer and choose to apply if appropriate:
Option 1: Prepay offline by post, direct transfer to supplier's account:
- Step 1: Customers order;
- Step 2: Customers pay in advance via transfer;
- Step 3: Customer confirms payment;
- Step 4: The supplier receives the money, informs and delivers the goods;
- Step 5: Customers check and receive goods;
Option 2: Pay later:
- Step 1: Customers order;
- Step 2: Provider of order confirmation;
- Step 3: Supplier confirm customer information (phone, message, email);
- Step 4: Carrier;
- Step 5: Customers receive and pay;

Article 3: Security of transactions
Vtex Technology Exchange builds mechanism to ensure transaction security as follows:
- Information management of the seller (supplier). When registering for sale on Vtex Technology Exchange, members must provide all relevant information and be fully responsible for this information. Specific information includes: personal information about individuals, information on the legal status of members being organizations, legal persons. This information will be hated by the vtex.vn management data.
- Seller's Transaction Control: Seller's transactions with the buyer will be put on the content of management, regularly updated status and will have a preliminary assessment of the seller's reputation.
- Control through buyer feedback.
- Mechanism to submit complaints about the seller to the buying members. Buyers have the right to submit complaints about the seller to the management board of Vtex Technology Exchange. When receiving this feedback, vtex.vn will confirm the information, the case as reflected by the buyer depending on the level, vtex.vn will take timely measures
- We strongly recommend that you do not disclose your account information (including username and password) to anyone who has security issues in your data system. The administration of Vtex.vn is not allowed to ask you for account information through the form of communication such as telephone, email. In case of necessity, the member should change his password or inform us. Members should note exit from the browser and the operating system after completing the work
- Members absolutely do not use any programs, tools or other forms to interfere with the system or alter the data structure. It is strictly forbidden to distribute, disseminate or encourage any activity that interferes with, destroys or infiltrates the website system. All violations shall be handled according to the Regulation and the provisions of law.
- All transaction information is confidential, unless required to be provided by Legal Bodies

Article 4: Protection of consumers' interests
- Public information about Vtex.vn; Announce the contact methods so that customers can easily be supported and answered when using the services provided by vtex.vn.
- The management board of the Vtex Transaction Office requires organizations, individuals and traders when registering as members to provide sufficient information related to the opening of goods stalls and provision of services. service. Management of information censorship of organizations, units, individuals, traders registered to open pavilions and censorship of the posting of goods and provide information for consumers to conduct transactions. Any content, goods or services that are not suitable or suitable, the Management Board will not allow posting on the Exchange;
- Consumers can refer to information related to organizations and traders opening stalls selling goods and providing services such as organization name, contact name, telephone number, address, nickname nick Skype to Consumer directly contact and make transactions in the process of buying goods or services;
- The Management Board places the booths of organizations and traders by attaching the member's logo (gold, free) to evaluate the prestige of the member, the ranking is based on: quantity of goods The information is posted on the booth and the process of authenticating information for gold members.
- Trading information on the Vtex Technology Exchange Platform will be controlled by the management.
- When consumers purchase goods or services that arise inconsistently with suppliers or harm legitimate interests, Vtex.vn will provide consumers with the registration information of suppliers immediately after receiving is required by the buyer, actively support the consumer to protect his or her legitimate rights and interests.
- Protect your personal information on Vtex.vn
Vtex fully respects your privacy and is committed to protecting the personal information of Vtex Members. The privacy policy outlined below demonstrates Vtex commitment to the collection, use and protection of your personal information.

 * The collection and use of information
        - For personal information of customers
 The registration form of Vtex.vn requires the customer to fill in personal information of the member (name, address, telephone number, email address and some other information ...). We need this information to support member transactions, provide information on new policies or user management experiences that help members operate effectively, and to communicate with them. Members in necessary cases.
In addition, Vtex will also collect information related to statistics on the number of visitors, IP addresses of visitors, connected sites, etc., in order to adjust and upgrade the quality of service. more in line with the needs of customers.
However, we undertake not to disclose your personal information to any third party except in the special circumstances set forth in the disclosures below.
        - For information posted publicly on vtex.vn.
          All information that the user completes on the registration form to become a member and the information posted on Vtex.vn such as introduction information, contact information and information about products and services of the business. ... to serve trade activities will be posted publicly on Vtex.vn and may be accessed by other members or users of our services. Therefore, we encourage you to consider and select the appropriate information to
* Information disclosure.
           We may use or disclose information to help resolve disputes, investigate issues arising, to enforce the terms and conditions of the parties in connection with the use of Vtex.vn and its services. We reserve this right when there are grounds to believe that the use and disclosure of such information is necessary to prevent and combat unlawful conduct that would prejudice the legitimate rights and interests of related parties. In cases where it is required by law and at the request of a competent state authority we may provide the information without notice to you.
* Editing information
We may edit the information provided by the customer for the purposes of providing accurate, spelled, and complete information to the viewer. However, we do not have the right to edit the content of the customer's information, except in cases where the information is untrue, transient, or reactionary .... is defined as bad information.
The official contact information of VTEX.VN
Level 8, Hoang Sam building, 260-262 Ba Trieu, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi.

Email: info@vietnamcic.org;

Phone: (84)-24-38533333
Article 5. Management of bad information
1. Members shall be solely responsible for the confidentiality, retention of information and transactions under their registered names and passwords. If any unauthorized use, violation of confidentiality of information on the third party is detected, the member should promptly notify the management board of Vtex.vn to be resolved.
2. Vtex.vn does not allow members to use the services of Vtex.vn for illegal purposes such as fraud, speculation, information exploration, sabotage website system. In case of violation, members shall be responsible for their breaches before the law.
3. Members must not act to discredit Vtex.vn or cause disunity among members in any form.
4. Members may not alter, copy or distribute the tools used by Vtex.vn, including the development and delivery of tools similar to Vtex.vn to third parties if not available. our consent.

Article 6. Limit of liability in case of technical error of the trading floor
1. When conducting transactions on the Vtex Technology Exchange , the members must strictly follow the guiding process.
2. Vtex Technology Exchange is committed to providing the best quality of services for its members. In case of errors, Vtex.vn will fix the problems in the shortest time such as technical errors, software errors, internet traffic system, personnel, natural disasters, power failures, The decision of the state agency or organization concerned. We are committed to ensuring the safety and stability of the entire technical system, meeting the needs of users.
3. In the event of a technical error, software or other objective errors that prevent the user from using the service, please notify the Member Support to timely solve the problem. If such incidents occur in the event of force majeure that causes damage to the member, we are not responsible for the joint.


Article 7: Rights and responsibilities of members
7.1. Membership rights
7.1.1. When registering to become a member of vtex.vn and agree to the Vtex, member will provide a registered email account and password to get access to services, managing their booths and transactions on the Vtex Technology Exchange.

7.1.2. Members will be given an online booth to introduce goods and conduct business transactions as well as advertise their businesses on the Vtex Technology Exchange 7.1.3. Members will be supported by customer support staff of Vtex Technology Exchange using the tools, features for the construction of booths, conduct transactions and use of litter services. on the Vtex Technology Exchange
7.1.4. Depending on the type of member, members will be using the services provided by the Vtex Technology Exchange. These services will be posted directly on the Vtex Technology Exchange floors or directly sent to members.
7.1.5. Members will enjoy the incentive policies offered by Vtex e-Marketplace or third parties on the Vtex.vn e-Marketplace. These preferential policies will be posted directly on the Vtex Technology Exchange floors or directly sent to members.
7.1.6. Members have the right to comment on Vtex Technology Exchange in the process of operation. Suggestions are sent directly through the contact or email to the Vtex Technology Exchange.

7.2. Member Responsibility
7.2.1. Members will be solely responsible for the confidentiality, retention and use of the service by their registered name, password and email address. The member is responsible for timely notification of the Vtex Technology Exchange about illegal use, misuse, breach of security, keeping the registration name and password for the two parties to cooperate. handling.
7.2.2. Members commit the information provided tovtex.vn e-commerce trading platform and the information posted on the transaction portal vtex.vn is accurate and complete. Members agree to keep and change the information on the transaction portal Vtex.vn is updated, accurate and complete.
7.2.3. Members are responsible for content, images of business information and other information as well as the entire process of trading with partners on e-commerce Vtex.vn.
7.2.4. Members commit, agree not to use the services of Vtex e-commerce platform for illegal, unreasonable, fraudulent, threatening, illegal information, sabotage, creation out and spread the virus to the system, configuration, information transmission of vtex.vn e-commerce portal or use their services for the purpose of speculation, market manipulation create orders, Offer fake goods, including for the purpose of judging market demand. In case of violation, members shall be responsible for their acts before the law.
7.2.5. Members undertake not to alter, modify, copy, distribute, distribute, deliver and create the same tools of the service provided by the Hundreds of online transactions provider vtex.vn The consent of Vtex Technology Exchange in this regulation.
7.2.6. Members can not act disrupt the reputation of Vtex Technology Exchange in any form such as disparaging the members by using the second registration name, through a third party or propaganda , disseminating information that is not conducive to the prestige of Vtex Technology Exchange

Article 8. Rights and responsibilities of the Management Board of the Vtex Technology Exchange

8.1. The authority of the management board of Vtex Technology Exchange

8.1.1. Vtex.vn will provide services to its members after completing the procedures and conditions required by the Vtex.vn e-commerce portal.
8.1.2. Vtex.vn will conduct the development of service policies for each object on the exchange. These policies will be published on Vtex Technology Exchange
8.1.3. The management board of Vtex.vn has the right to check the information of organizations and individuals on the floor, especially information about products; In cases where there are grounds to prove that the information provider for the Vtex Technology Exchange is inaccurate, inaccurate, inadequate or violates the Vietnamese law or customs, the e-commerce trading floor Vtex.vn reserves the right to refuse, suspend or terminate your membership.
8.1.4. Vtex.vn can terminate the membership and the right to use one or all of the member services and will notify the member for at least one (01) month in the case of Violators of the Regulations of Vtex Technology Exchange or have behaviors that affect the business activities on Vtex Technology Exchange

8.1.5. Vtex.vn will review the termination of service use rights and membership of members if the member does not participate in trading activities and exchange information on the portal Vtex.vn continuous for three (03) months. If you want to continue to become a member and get the right to use the service, you have to re-register the form and procedures of the transaction floor Vtex.vn.
8.1.6. Vtex.vn can immediately terminate the right to use the service and membership of the member if the transaction floor Vtex.vn found members have gone bankrupt, were sentenced or are currently serving the sentence, In case the member continues to operate, it can be responsible for legalx fraudulent websites, fraudulent activities, market disturbances, disgruntled members. Other Vtex.vn transactions in violation of the current laws of Vietnam.
In the event of termination of membership rights and the right to use the service, all certificates and privileges granted by the member will automatically be null and void.
8.1.7. Vtex.vn has the right to use the services and content on the Vtex Technology Exchange in accordance with the provisions of the law on protection of intellectual property in Vietnam. All logos and content in different languages ​​are owned by Vtex.vn. All acts of copying, using and illegally disseminating such ownership rights are strictly forbidden.
8.1.8. Vtex.vn reserves the right to change the table, service tariff and payment method at the time of providing services to members according to the needs and conditions of the Vtex Technology Exchange The deadline is one (01) month.
8.2. Responsibilities of the Management Board of Vtex Technology Exchange
8.2.1. Vtex.vn is responsible for building a trading floor which includes a number of key tasks such as research, design, procurement of hardware and software, Internet connectivity, policy development The content of the transaction on vtex.vn e-commerce in the conditions and scope of the permit.
8.2.2.Vtex.vn will conduct and cooperate with partners in building a system of services and tools for the transaction of participants and users. on Vtex Technology Exchange
8.2.3. Our member support team will advise and support any issues related to the transaction process on the vtex.vn and answer the questions and complaints of members.
8.2.4. Vtex.vn is responsible for developing and implementing a system of knowledge and information on foreign trade operations, e-commerce, domestic and international commercial legal documents and foreign markets. , as well as news related to the activities of  Vtex Technology Exchange

8.2.5. Vtex.vn will conduct the promotion and promotion of Vtex Technology Exchange to the domestic and foreign markets in conditions that allow, expand and connect the demand looking for partners and developing the market of members participating in the transaction platform Vtex Technology Exchange

8.2.6. Vtex.vn will try to reach the highest level within the scope and conditions possible to maintain the normal operation of Vtex Technology Exchange and overcome problems such as technical problems in software, hardware, software, internet access, personnel, social upheavals, natural disasters, power outages, decisions by government agencies or third parties. However, if such incidents are out of control, which are unavoidable cases that cause damage to the members, the Vtex Technology Exchange not bear joint responsibility.


Article 9: Commitment
Management Board of hanoi trading floor vtex.vn and members agree to comply with the provisions of this regulation.
Article 10: Terms of application
10.1. Any disputes arising between the Vtex Technology Exchange and members will be settled on the basis of negotiation. If no agreement can be reached, either party may bring the case to the competent People's Court in Hanoi for settlement.
10.2. Vtex Technology Exchange. Hats online trading platform has the right and can change this regulation by announcing on the vtex.vn for members to know. The amendment is effective from the date of the amendment notice. The continued use of the service by the Member after the revised Regulation is made and enforced means that they have accepted this Amendment.
10.3. Official contact address of Vtex.vn

Level 8, Hoang Sam building, 260-262 Ba Trieu, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi.

Email: info@vietnamcic.org;

Phone: (84)-24-38533333